Translation Rates

English-Spanish Translation and Proofreading Rates

The following prices are per source (English) word:

Type of Material Base Rate
Marketing/Literary £0.08/€0.12
Technical/Software £0.06/€0.09
General/Help/Documentation £0.04/€0.06
Proofreading per word £0.02/€0.03
Hourly rate for translation/proofreading £20.00/€30.00
Minimum charge £20.00/€30.00

• Proofreading: grammar, punctuation, spelling and basic style edits.

• For projects over £1,000/€1,500, advance payment of 50% of estimated total cost of the job is required, with another 25% halfway through the project and the remainder (final 25%) upon final delivery. How else could a translator afford their monthly mortgage payments and utility bills?

• Jobs to be completed at short notice are subject to a surcharge of 20% of the total price.