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Yes, you can “learn Spanish in 10 days”. If you start your Spanish classes in Cambridge as an absolute beginner, in ten 2-hour  Spanish lessons you should be able to express yourself clearly in basic communicative situations like: introducing yourself, spelling words, asking / telling nationality / profession / phone numbers, greeting someone, talking about your family, describing a person and their character, asking for things and their price in a shop, describing a room / house / city / country, asking / giving directions and the time, and expressing your likes / dislikes. By covering all the grammatical structures and vocabulary used in the language situations mentioned above, your Spanish teacher will help you develop the confidence and skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) you need to engage in real-life communication in Spanish. That doesn’t sound too bad for only 10 Spanish lessons, does it?

Revision. Your Spanish teacher will be using plenty of revision material to consolidate content covered in the lessons. Some revision activities will be done in class and some you will be able to do in your spare time. Beginners might be offered a computer programme / game to practice a certain language structure. Intermediate and advanced students might be offered additional exercises with or without an answer key to reinforce and consolidate content discussed in class.

Pronunciation is important to your Spanish teacher. As a phonetician specialised in the contrastive and error analyses of the English and Spanish sound systems, José will know the pronunciation mistakes you’re most likely to make as an English speaker when producing Spanish intonation, rhythm, stress patterns and individual sounds. Not only that. When you make those mistakes, he will use the most relevant (combination of) corrective procedures to tackle them.

Teaching materials. The various communicative situations and Spanish language structures dealt with throughout the course will be learnt, practiced and revised using a wide range of course books, texts, recordings, illustrations, props and multimedia material.

Cultural component. Your Spanish lessons in Cambridge will integrate considerable social and cultural content. This will hopefully develop the cross-cultural awareness you need when exposed to a Spanish-speaking culture. Spanish is a language of many flavours and understanding major linguistic and cultural differences between Spain and some Latin American countries is very important.

José uses a communicative approach, realistic and real activities, clear explanations of Spanish grammar and pronunciation, time-saving English-Spanish contrastive analysis, and invaluable cultural tips.

Rates for Spanish Lessons in Cambridge, UK

• £25 for a one-hour Spanish lesson in Cambridge.

• £40 for a two-hour Spanish lesson in Cambridge.

Discounts are available for two or more students studying together.

Testimonials from Spanish-Language Students

My wife and I attended four series of José’s Spanish Language classes, from Beginner through to Intermediate level. His patient and friendly approach and sense of humour meant we looked forward to our lessons, and he created an atmosphere which made it easy to learn, practise our new language skills, and make friends with the other students.

Harry Reiss, UK

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