English Lessons

Private English Lessons in Cambridge, UK

Here’s what Liz, your (DELTA) qualified English teacher, says about the one-to-one English lessons she provides in Cambridge, UK.

“I can offer you private, one-to-one English lessons specially adapted to suit your needs. I am experienced teaching all levels from beginner to proficiency and can help you to:
* Improve your general English communication skills, for work or for travel.
* Work on your business English skills, e.g. improving your CV, interview skills, giving presentations and seminars, talking on the telephone, writing emails.
* Prepare for a specific Cambridge examination: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE or IELTS.
* Prepare for academic study at a UK university, e.g. writing essays, understanding lectures
* Focus on developing specific skills that you want to improve: speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, use of vocabulary and grammar.
* Learn more about British culture and have fun learning English.”

Teaching Approach to English Lessons

Female English Student in LibraryThere are several things Liz believes are very important for learning English:

Self Study
“From many years of experience I know that students learn English best when they are active participants in their learning. This means that I will encourage you to learn actively in your free time by reading books and newspapers in English, watching English television, using the Internet and joining in local activities. I will also set you homework to revise the work that we do in our English lessons. If you are preparing for an exam, I have books that you can borrow to study in your free time.”

Learning in a Specific Context
“I will not give you long lists of vocabulary to learn or pages of grammar exercises! Experts in language learning believe that it is best to learn vocabulary and grammar in a specific context, so it is easier for your brain to understand and process the meaning. Therefore, each lesson we will have a context for our learning. Examples: reading and discussing an article together about a particular topic, listening to a radio or TV programme and talking about it, or practising a concrete activity such as ordering food in a restaurant or attending a job interview. We will then study vocabulary and grammar that arise naturally in these situations. The emphasis will be on USING the new vocabulary and grammar in speaking and writing, NOT on doing artificial exercises.”

Male English Student SmilingCommunication
“Our lessons will involve as much speaking and listening as possible, because these skills are more difficult to practise in your own country. I will correct your errors when you speak so that you become aware of the typical mistakes you make.”

“We will spend some time at the beginning of each English lesson revising work from the previous class to help you consolidate your learning. You will be surprised how quickly you forget new words and expressions if you do not revise. Revision is very important!”

Rates for One-to-One English Lessons in Cambridge, UK

• £25 for a one-hour English lesson in Cambridge.

• £40 for a two-hour English lesson in Cambridge.

Discounts are available for two or more students studying together.

Testimonials from English-Language Students

In the period when I was preparing for the IELTS test,I had acouple of English language teachers who were really good, but I can say for sure that Liz was the best. I needed the score of seven in each four parts of IELTS test, of which the seven in writing was the most challenging one. This is where Liz has helped me the most. Work with her improved my speaking, speed of reading as well as listening even though we were working on my writing mainly.

She always had a really good, effective and interesting exercise tailored to my own needs. For example, I was complaining that I did not have enough ideas when it comes to writing the 250 word IELTS essay and Liz gave me an amazing exercise to read newspapers every week on one specific topic related to IELTS topics.

She was very dedicated, thoughtfully prepared for every session, full of understanding and very helpful. She always recognized very well the parts of the language where I was weak and skilfully worked on their improvement.

I would absolutely definitely recommend Liz as an English teacher to my friend!

Marija, Serbia

When I was young, I did not have a positive approach to learning English. It was pretty clear for me that I would never be able to communicate or read in English, as if it was over my head. Thus, I spent many years avoiding any kind of approximation with the language, but because of work demands and the need for a professional qualification I resumed my English studies when I was 24 years old, which I consider it very late! The resistance and the negative impression about my skills did not help me whatsoever, and to be honest they even affected my self-esteem.

At that time I learned enough to take a time studying outside Brazil, but I could just read and write. Talking was still a difficult task. When I moved to Cambridge, I had the support of Liz Torres, who taught me for eight months, once a week. I am 100% sure that if it were not for her dedication and teaching, I would have not learned to speak English with confidence, and not also could express myself accordingly. Liz is a great teacher and has full command on English grammar. Also, she is experienced in promptly detecting the difficulties that a foreigner might have on a daily basis by using several techniques that can help her students. Our classes were always stimulating and funny and we used to talk about a variety of subjects. The classes helped greatly improve my English communication skills while broadened my vocabulary. I highly recommend Liz Torres as a teacher for any student who needs to improve their English skills. Today I miss her classes and if I go back to Cambridge in the future I would be very glad to have classes again with her.

Ana, Brazil

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